Video Ofrenda by El Centro College’s Mexican-American Studies Class

Students from Mexican-American Studies (HUMA 1305) are a rowdy and talented bunch of young people (and not so young!) who come together every week to discuss the history and culture of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. We honor this culture as being native to this country, not immigrant. We acknowledge the legacy of colonization, racism and oppression while uplifting the stories of struggle, resistance, organizing, creativity and love from within the community. We listen to music, read plays and discuss the important role of cross-cultural exchange in our modern context. We thank the culture bearers in Dallas for inviting us to share our story! Professor Vanessa Mercado-Taylor is an Indigena Mexicana/Colombiana artist and educator who every day gets the amazing privilege of speaking to students about art and culture while helping them find their voice and power in their communities.