Antonio Gutierrez

So, my grandpa is Antonio Gutierrez.

He was born in 1930 and he passed away 4/11/2019. I remember my grandpa could do anything! Even though he didn’t  have a “traditional education”, he knew a lot and taught us soo much.  He was firm but fair. Even though he was stern, he was so loving with with his family.  He was a hard worker but always made time for his family.

He liked to play cards, dominoes and have a drink with the guys when we gathered.  I remember his drink of choice  would be Coke and Presidente. Although he would take a Miller Lite too. I remember He always had a handkerchief with him, to wipe the sweat from his brow as worked. He loved sweets. Any sweets.  He would really like the strawberry cake I would make and ice cream. He loved music. La Puerta Negra was his go to song or anything from Vicente Fernandez. He was the best.. and I stand by my words when I say they don’t make them like my grandpa anymore.

The Maldonado Family

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