About My Mother, An Ofrenda by Patricia Faz “Chula”

My mother, Patricia Gil Faz. I called her ama, we had our moments. We butted heads and we both knew what to say to get under each others skin. My Spanish is not the best and I knew a lot got lost when we spoke. But she would throw some hard words at me “ eres una piedra en mi zapato Chula”. Then we would have great moments, she taught us to be loving and treat people with respect. To take care and trust family because that’s what we have. She was raised by two strong women and she passed that strength to her children and grandchildren. She had an amazing laugh that was contagious and she brought out the best in people. I always saw her helping others no matter if they can repay the favor back or not. Everyone was her favorite and she would tell you if you were. I wish my daughter and son could have met her and knew how much love she had for them. I love her so much and miss those moments when she would reach over and hold my hand. Now I have these beautiful memories that I get to pass on to my children.